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What Is “Renting Alternatives” and How Can They Help?


The Renting Alternatives Family and Ecosystem goes as follows: NotRent.com, along with it’s sister site RentingAlternatives.com exist to provide a much needed symbiotic solution to the most critical problems faced by two very under-served groups of people.

The first of these two vastly under-served groups is made up of the ever-increasing number of struggling homeowners who, for any number of reasons, can no longer keep up with their monthly mortgage payments.

These homeowners may have experienced sudden medical expenses, a negative income change, a death in the family, a lawsuit – the list of possible reasons goes on ad nauseam. Ultimately, it boils down to “life”. They need the help of Renting Alternatives! Without the solution provided by NotRent.com and RentingAlternatives.com in collaboration with various other industry partners, their only option would be to wait out a foreclosure. This would thus annihilate their credit for the foreseeable future (average of 10 years, and make it nearly impossible to even rent without Renting Alternatives.

The second of these two egregiously under represented groups would be the would be the hard working individual or family who can clearly afford the monthly payments of a mortgage (as they are, on average less than the cost of renting) yet cannot buy a home through traditional means.

This is arguably the largest demographic of any “consumer profile” group in the housing market as of the date this was written.

Most often, this would be due to the large (often as much as 40%) down payment required by most banks for first time home buyers is completely out of the realm of their savings capabilities, or perhaps their fico is less than perfect (underwriting banks have become more and more strict in recent years)…Either way, they are left paying a lot more than they otherwise would for something they will never own, and escape from that circumstance can seem rather futile. They REALLY need Renting Alternatives!


Enter the solution: Turn the first group’s “Problem” into the second group’s “Solution” and vice-versa!


  • The first group already has an existing mortgage loan that has already been underwritten by the issuing bank, which is not in default or (at this stage) arrears in payments, just not the income to make the payments going forward.


  • The Second group has the income to cover the payments going forward, but cannot get a newly generated loan through underwriting due to lack of down payment or perceived creditworthiness.


Our members of the first group can, so long as they have a fully assumable FHA, VA, HUD or USDA backed mortgage (which all of our listed homeowners do*). At that point, they can transfer the title, deed and existing mortgage loan to a member of the second group.

After providing proof of income eligibility and the ability to pay the monthly mortgage amount (Pay stubs, bank statements or even tax returns work fine), the member of group 2 will be able to assume the existing mortgage and accept transfer of billing responsibility for the existing loan. Going forward, they need only make payments directly to the bank.

The process is quite simple, as outlined on NotRent.com We can explain in detail if you like by calling us at (503) 303-3230 as well.

The end result of the above solution is the complete alleviation of what ails both of these respective groups of consumers.

Group 1 gets to escape with their credit intact, will not face financial and socio-economic consequences of a foreclosure and ruined credit, and retains the ability to, perhaps, purchase again if their finances recover.

Group 2 is given the opportunity to achieve home ownership, something many of our customers never before thought was within the realm of possibility for them.

In the relatively short time we have been in business, January of 2017, we are proud to say we have helped over 1800 would-be forever renters achieve the status of “home owner” whereas that not be possible by any other means, while helping over 1800 struggling homeowners avoid financial devastation caused by foreclosure..

That’s over 3600 lives we can proudly say we’ve bettered in our first 9

months of operation!

That metric is the principal focus of our operations, and we look forward to watching that number grow, and hopefully you (the reader) can be a part of that group whose live’s we have been able to enrich.

Thank you for visiting our site!



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