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Rent to Own Homes are Truly the Best Renting Alternative

Rent to own homes - Renting Alternatives

Rent to own homes are by far the best and most budget friendly renting alternatives in today’s economy. Not only does it provide more security and stability than traditional rentals do, but they are typically lower monthly payments as you would simply pay the monthly mortgage rate which is typically much lower then rental market value.

With rent to own homes, in other words all of our properties, the most common circumstance leading to availability is the homeowner in a position of pre-foreclosure.

Pre-foreclosure occurs when a homeowner can no longer afford the monthly payments but is not presently behind or in default. In order to avoid finding themselves in such a position they would in this instance be seeking someone to either take over the existing mortgage or for someone to lease with the option to buy the property.

In this situation a home seeker is in a unique position to genuinely help a struggling homeowner avoid potential Financial devastation for the foreseeable future while at the same time getting an otherwise unmatchable bargain and an opportunity for home ownership even for those who otherwise would never have had that option available to them.

As if the opportunity could be any more enticing, given the circumstances, there is rarely (Almost Never) any sort of down payment or deposit involved making this also the option with the lowest possible move in cost by quite a large margin.

During the first 9 months that we have been in operation, we have already helped hundreds of would be “forever renters” achieve the status of “homeowner,” most of whom previously thought that to be impossible for them. Perhaps we can do the same for you? Check out our Featured Properties


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